Ngango is a fourth year Industrial Engineering student and digital content creator. He has interviewed television presenter Roxy Burger, self-made millionaire Albert van Wyk, Youtuber Sibu Mpanza and musical artist Bouwer Bosch and was the master of ceremonies at the National Serenade competition 2017. He has been featured in TedX where he spoke about lessons he learnt from his father, and SABC, where he had the opportunity to be mentored and learn more about the radio. Ngango believes that Samsung is the best place to grow and nurture his work. Not only is it an incredible opportunity but the winner gets a six month contract to create content for Samsung. Every Monday he sends a podcast to a list on his contacts where he motivates them through a short audio.

He calls this concept MotivationMonday. According to Ngango, he entered the #SocialStar competition not only because he genuinely loves people but because his work inspires and motivates them whether it be through motivation Monday or through his Youtube channel called Defining Dennis, where numerous UP students are featured. Not only does he see himself as a game changer but he really hopes to inspire youth to develop a can do attitude. When asked how he juggled academics and content creating he said “prioritising what’s important and school always comes first and whenever I can play, best believe I play hard”.


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