What was the recording process for the video like?

Lots of fun. As usual, Louis Minnaar was at the helm, we had awesome help from film makeup specialist Nicola Roodt, and we just lived ourselves into these characters. Louis’ character is especially impressive, easily our favourite character and performance he’s done in our videos.

Your latest album, Dans tot die Dood, was released earlier this month. What can listeners expect from it?

Big banging beats, lots of dark melancholy melodies which are still fun to sing along to, lots of new lyrical flows and journeys, powerful analogue synth basslines, and lots of drums.

How do you hope the new album will be received?

[W]e’re hoping it will do well in cars, bars, elevators, offices, earphones, and especially live shows. We’re feeling pretty confident that we’ve created our finest work yet.

What was the most memorable part of the new album’s recording process?

It was an amazing week in the mountains of Mpumalanga, the first time that the three of us had managed to synchronise our schedules to break away from society and the daily grind with the sole purpose of making new music together. Louis is busy finalising an epic “making of” documentary that he filmed during that magical week, [so] keep an eye out for that. It’s almost as cool as the album itself.

Image by Louis Minnaar

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