Residences and their HKs of 2010/11 gathered together one last time at LC De Villiers’ Rembrandt Hall to celebrate prestige evening. Prestige evening is a platform to give recognition to the residences that excelled in different areas of res student life.

The awards were given in different categories: Rag, culture, sport, social and academics. Each student service provider was given the opportunity to give out awards. TuksRag gave the TuksRag Prestigious (overall winner) Award to Madelief andOlympuswho raised the most funds for Rag. Stuku presented awards for culture external and internal. The overall winners for student culture were Erika and Boekenhout. “It’s not the HK who won the events, you get a lot of help from the residents,” said Zane Groenewald, Boekenhout culture external HK.

Jacob Ssali, TuksSport EC member, presented the Excellence in Sport awards, which are given to the residences that excelled in recreational sport. The residences that excelled in both sport participation and results are Madelief and Mopanie. The res that had the biggest support at their sport events and was awarded the Overall Spirit trophy was Erika.

The award for the highest academic average was awarded to both medical campus residences Curlitzia (79.39%) andOlympus(75.20%). TuksVillage also got the highest average of the mixed residences with a 74.90% score. But TukRes is not all about work and no play. Residences were asked to vote for the social events of the year. Katjiepiering had the highest votes for hosting great social events. Roelf Visser awarded Katjiepiering the Directors’ Award for res excellence. Visser explained that this award is for a res that a has over the years had good management and that has established and maintained good relationships and is passionate about the roles it plays. According to Visser, Katjiepiering is a well-balanced res that has performed well on the Hillcrest campus. The much anticipated award was the Res of the Year award. An award that identifies the cream of the crop and confirms that the hard work pays off. In third place were Madelief andOlympus. In second place were Erika and Sonop. First place was tightly contested, but was awarded to Curlitzia and Mopanie. These two were residences of the year in 2008 as well. They each received a cash prize of R5000. “I’m ecstatic. Everyone worked hard. We are blessed by the Lord. They [Mopanie] are an amazing group,” said a happy Danie Ungerer, Chairperson of Mopanie. Visser commended the residences for working hard. “All of you are doing a great job,” said Visser.

Photo: Brad Donald

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