Mopanie’s clubhouse, known as Die Bloubloed Klubhuis (the blue-blood clubhouse), celebrates people’s birthdays in an interesting way. If it is a member of the residence’s birthday they can undertake what is called the Golden Mile. This involves funnelling a metre long pipe with a valve at the bottom filled with spirits and beer.

The Republic of Kollegetehuis is the oldest residence at Tuks. The name of Kollege’s clubhouse, The G6, was proposed by 2005 state president, Etienne van der Westhuizen. The name was proposed to show unity within the residence by incorporating both English and Afrikaans, as a G6 is also a type of cannon. Within the clubhouse there are two bells. The bell on the right is known as the president’s bell. If rung by the president, he is allowed any drink he asks for from the bar. If the bell on the left is rung, every person at the bar at the time is given either a shot or a drink paid for by the person that rung the bell.

Men’s clubhouses hold many valuable traditions and, with these traditions, those who enter the walls of clubhouses are always guaranteed a different and entertaining experience. These traditions help to promote a sense of camaraderie and allow every person to enjoy themselves within the clubhouse. If you find yourself in a residence clubhouse, don’t be afraid to embrace the liveliness around you. You never know, you might end up with a free drink or two.


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