Bongumusa Madlala
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On 9 September, the University of Pretoria hosted #ChooseUp Day. The event saw hundreds of prospective
students and parents flocking to the university with the hope of experiencing the UP way. PDBY spoke to various prospective students and gathered their thoughts on the day.

Acting Vice Principal Prof. Flavia Senkubuge opened the event with a heartfelt speech in which she highlighted the numerous programmes available that would offer a more well-rounded support system for prospective students. “We offer a vibrant range of student development activities that encompass culture, sports, leadership opportunities, and faculty houses,’’ said Prof. Senkubuge. Furthermore, she applauded the impressive work done by the Fly@UP initiative, the SCU, and the Ready for Work programme, which all represent the university’s commitment to offering a more holistic approach to learning. “I want you all to know that at the University of Pretoria, we’re not just here to provide you with an education. We are here to support your personal and professional growth,” added Prof.

Rohil Monhanlal, a prospective LLB student, shared his thoughts about the day: “I feel like the event is cool. The people were hospitable, especially the security guards who helped me find my way around the university.”

PDBY interviewed Lisa, Vuyo, Kea, and Noluthando, students who have been conditionally accepted to study at UP next year. “The event is great; it’s showing us more about the university, and everyone has been kind. The different faculty stalls were insightful when it came to the courses, and we got to learn about different careers,” said Lisa. When asked about why they chose UP, the group responded , “It’s because we have family members who have studied here, and so we feel sentimental towards coming here because it’s a part of our families’ tradition.”

“We’re also looking forward to experiencing the culture everyone is talking about at UP, and we want to see what it’s all about. We would love the opportunity to network with different people who can help with advancing our careers and to possibly learn more about their cultures,” said Noluthando.

This year #ChooseUP Day broke the barrier between prospective students and lecturers which had been imposed by Covid-19 restrictions. Information desks and faculty stalls were scattered throughout the campus, allowing everyone to access information about their respective courses. From food stalls to fun outdoor activities and UP Ovuwa’s jaw-dropping performances, everyone was entertained. The event was a resounding success.