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LeadUP leads conversation on Migration crisis in Africa: Where are the fault lines?

On 20 July, LeadUP held a thought-provoking discussion at the Future Africa Auditorium. The session was chaired by UP and PDBY alumni and broadcaster, Sebenzile Nkambule. The discussion was diverse in its interrogation of  all possible contributors to migration and scenarios that could lead to migration – including issues pertaining to climate change and war. The session was opened to the audience, which engaged with the panel.

What is the Fate of NSFAS N+ Students?

At the beginning of every academic year, students, especially those from low-income and working-class homes, are faced with funding issues. The year of 2022 was not without its share of these crises. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has an N+ rule that refers to the minimum number of years allowed per student to complete their studies; once a student exceeds the stipulated number of years without completing their course, they are cut off from funding. 


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