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Banjul Charter: 40th year celebration!

21 October marked 40 years since the adoption and ratification of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights 1981 – 2021 publication. The Centre for Human Rights (CHR) at UP collaborated with the Human Rights Institute of South Africa and the South African Human Rights Commission on a virtual event to celebrate this milestone.

Unlearn: perspectives on sex, masturbation, queerness and beyond

There is a lot of miseducation about sex, masturbation, queer communities and sexual issues in the student community. UP scholars that research these topics include Jennifer Kinnear on strengthening comprehensive sexuality education, KM Born on risky sexual behaviour, and David Ikpo, the Communications Officer at the Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression Unit of the Centre for Human Rights in the Faculty of Law at UP. PDBY interviewed SpeakOUT UP on the topic. UP has also put an Anti-Discrimination Policy in place to address the ‘Queer Space Collective’ of which was discussed in this article.

Graduate makes blankets to cover tuition

Oarabile Mashigo, a BA Law graduate from UP, established a small business, Cozii Lifestyle, after dropping out of his postgraduate studies because of a lack of funds. Cozii Lifestyle is a blanket making business that Mashigo started after being taught how to make blankets by his Tuks Ekhaya student residence House Guardian, David Raats, and his wife, Nicolette Raats. Mashigo says that after recognising the unemployment, crime and substance abuse crisis in his community in Pretoria West, he saw it fit to rise with others. He works with young people and shows them the ropes of blanket-making. He currently employs four people. “My hope is to at least employ 10 people by the end of the year, and have the number rise up each year as we reach more South Africans”, said Mashigo.

Tiger Brands motivate UP students through Plate4Days

Students have a responsibility towards their studies and the remainder of the other responsibilities tend to come second best. Amongst other imperatives that define a student’s life is food. Lack of food can be a barrier to a student attaining their degree, particularly at this time of the year when some students have run out of credits to buy food in res. This period of the year has been termed Ramadan because it coincidentally comes at the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and the holy month of fasting.

Accenture Education Trust STEM scholarship opportunities for 2022

The Accenture Education Trust (AET) has opened its applications for the 2022 scholarship for students studying technology-focused degrees at selected universities. Accenture believes that the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic have further amplified the explosion of cloud-based technology solutions, and therein lies a significant opportunity for South Africa to build the capabilities of its youth. Through this, the potential of this lucrative industry can be unlocked, at both a local and global level; and provide much-needed skills to support a trajectory of strengthened economic growth. Accenture is offering bursaries to deserving students in a technology-directed study with an average of 65% or higher, which is higher than the NSFAS qualifying threshold.

‘Corridors of Death’: The university exposé you’ve been waiting for

Corridors of Death is a book by Lesego Samora Mahlatsi, also known as Malaika Wa Azania. The book is a collection of essays that explore the lived experiences of black students in historically white universities. It sheds light on how structural violence, racism and a culture of alienation are pushing students to the edge of depression and increasingly, suicide. The book also suggests that urgent structural and institutional interventions need to be made, the centre of which must be transformation that reflects the democratic and socio-political construct of South African societies.


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