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Incoming SRC Inauguration

On 10 November, the University of Pretoria held an inauguration event for the 2022 SRC at the Future Africa Auditorium. Among UP persons such as the 2021 SRC, the Director of Student Affairs, Dr Madiba, Vice Chancellor Prof. Tawana Kupe, and the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Tribunal were in attendance. The 2022 SRC took their oaths during their inauguration with the assistance and lead of the Chief Justice.

2022 SRC Campaign Promises

During the SRC election period of 2021, PDBY attended the SRC Manifesto sessions of the various SRC portfolio’s. This article serves as a mirror representation of the campaign promises made by certain portfolio’s SRC elects in their Manifestos. Thus, no SRC member listed in this article has answered in their capacity as an SRC member but in their own personal capacity while campaigning.

Political parties and their candidates

All political parties have ambitions for their chosen candidates to run for office in the SRC. Its importance for the political parties concerned results in parties pulling out all the stops to campaign for their chosen candidate. This inevitably comes with an implicit faith in the candidate by the party that the candidate embodies the principles and values of their party. This is evident by
the responses given by political parties when faced with this question. As said by EFFSC UP chairperson, Fikile Sibanda, “This question is similar to asking how important it is for a tree to be rooted to the soil or for a fish to swim in water, this is to say it is of utmost importance that the person deployed to a particular portfolio in the SRC must carry the ideology of the party, must be able to represent, articulate, apply and serve through our policies, guidelines and schools of thought which are also our ideological tools of analysis viz Marxism-Leninism and Fanonism”.

Museum survival during the pandemic

As the pandemic has continued to rage on, many different sectors and institutions in our society were hit, including UP’s own UP Museums. With the loss of contact lessons, the UP Museums lost their engagement with the public, forcing them to expedite their plans to increase their digital presence. Due to this loss, regaining any kind of contact with the greater public has been their number one priority, which was done through opening the museum during times sanctioned by the government during the periods of 1 February to 14 June and 1 October to the present day. Museum visits are currently managed by appointment only when the museum is open, which is from Monday through to Friday from 08:00 to 13:00, and can be booked through their website.


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