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Exploring your options

With Roe v Wade being overturned in the United States of America (USA) many people have found themselves heartbroken and concerned about what options they will now have once they find out they are pregnant. Although far removed from the USA, pregnancy and the options available to persons who find themselves in this situation is a universal issue and one that affects students. PDBY turned to Student Health Services to take students through the options available to UP students that find themselves pregnant. 

Sexual assault in virtual spaces

As virtual reality technology improves and spaces like the Metaverse create a platform for our subjective realities to manifest themselves digitally, it is not only our positive traits that manifest, but also our negative traits. In light of this reality, in a society plagued with the social ill of gender based violence,  PDBY investigates where UP’s student body situates itself in understanding sexual assault in virtual spaces. 

Science fiction in Africa

If you were to pay any attention to the media and film industry, you could easily believe that the field of science fiction in Africa is either lacking or is just starting to be explored. The genre of African science fiction (ASF)is, however, quite vast and dates back many years. It is unfortunate then, that the rest of the world seems so eager to forget this fact time and time again. 


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