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If university life was a movie, what movie would it be?

The Netflix film One Piece has been ranking in the South African Top 10 movies category for three consecutive weeks, with no signs of slowing. The series stars Iñaki Godoy as the lead Monkey D Luffy, who sets out on a mission and leaves his hometown alone to follow his goals of being King of the Pirates in the world and getting to the One Piece. Luffy is brave, fearless, bubbly and confident. The series moves between characters, following their differences in reaching the same mission “One Piece” with different goals.

Study Tips from The Art of War: Mastering the Academic Battlefield

Sun Tzu’s ancient treatise, The Art of War, is renowned for its timeless wisdom on strategy and tactics in the realm of warfare. However, beneath its military context lies a wealth of insights that can be seamlessly applied to the modern student’s academic journey. In this article, we delve into how the teachings of The Art of War can serve as valuable study companions, as well as equipping students with effective tools to emerge victorious on the academic battlefield. Join us as we unveil the hidden study strategies hidden within the pages of this ancient masterpiece.

Lights, Camera, Election: The parallels between politics and professional wrestling

It seems that in recent years, politics has become far more confusing and divisive than ever before in the modern life of Western civilisation. There is an ever-increasing group of impassioned town criers who call themselves politicians but, at the same time, an ever-diminishing sense of trust in politics and democracy as a workable means towards a peaceful and functional society. What has caused this strange shift towards low-trust, selectively lucrative politics – which seems to reward politicians regardless of their effectiveness while ignoring the real struggles of the populace regardless of their urgency?


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