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Students are calling: We are tired of feeling burnt out

At the end of the first semester, many UP students seemed to be feeling burnt out and exhausted. With a shift in teaching methods and the pressure of a return to campus for assessments, PDBY decided to find out how many students attributed this feeling of burnout to this shift. In addition to this, other grievances students had with regard to the shift in teaching methods were also taken note of. 

Exploring your options

With Roe v Wade being overturned in the United States of America (USA) many people have found themselves heartbroken and concerned about what options they will now have once they find out they are pregnant. Although far removed from the USA, pregnancy and the options available to persons who find themselves in this situation is a universal issue and one that affects students. PDBY turned to Student Health Services to take students through the options available to UP students that find themselves pregnant. 

I know what I saw: The peculiar space that aliens occupy in the social imagination at UP

On 15 April, PDBY ran a series of polls on Instagram focused on the subject of extra terrestrial life (intelligent or otherwise). The results revealed that 88% of the students who participated agree to the prospect of life beyond earth. Furthermore, 71% of students are not frightened by the prospect of other life forms in our universe, and only 55% of students believe in the existence of intelligent life. In a limited attempt at making sense of these results, it may be possible to take a glimpse into the peculiar space that aliens occupy in the social imagination of students at the University of Pretoria. 

A guide to student misconduct

The process of being accused of misconduct can be incredibly daunting. However, this process does not have to be completely hopeless. There are many ways that students can find support, and the more knowledgeable students are about this procedure, the better their chances become of successfully making it through this process. 

First year’s guide to chowing course

The transition from high school to university is a tough one, especially academically. With larger classes, a more intense workload, and the permanent general confusion that comes with being a university student (not to mention the temptation of the Strip), it is easy to fall behind. However it is not inevitable. Keeping your head above water is possible with consistency and a few general guidelines: prepare for class, stay engaged and stay organised.


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