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Networking as a student

Professional success is a common goal amongst members of the working class. Forbes highlights the importance of the quote “no man is an island” and how it has proved to be particularly important in one’s journey to achieving professional success. This phrase emphasises the necessity of a collective effort in the process of an individual achieving professional success. According to Forbes’ article “10 Reasons Why Networking Is Essential For Your Career”, having strong networking channels has been one of the main contributing factors to many individuals’ successful careers.

The value of a degree after COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a decrease in physical interactions to ensure that everyone was as safe as possible. Despite this, the maintenance of everyday activities was still necessary to ensure that life did not come to a complete standstill. The best solution for various activities was to shift to an online platform, especially for the working class and students. In the case of a student, these everyday activities are mostly made up of attending lectures, completing assignments, and studying.

The multi-level marketing student dilemma

Student participation in multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes is a growing and highly controversial phenomenon. Many MLM schemes may appear to be viable business opportunities, especially for those experiencing financial difficulties, such as students. These schemes can, however, leave their members in a much worse condition than before they joined.

10 books to read while in university

Literature allows you to expand your horizons, build critical thinking skills, and address human nature and the human condition. It is because of this that literature plays such a big role in our development. Here are ten books to read while you are still in university, as recommended by members of UP’s English department, that will expand your horizons, challenge the way you think and allow you to explore the intricacies of humanity.

Toxic productivity and student culture

Toxic productivity, as Huffpost defines it, is the “unhealthy desire to be productive at all times, at all costs”. It is not hard to understand why this phenomenon is so prevalent among university students. Students are expected to push
themselves to their limits to succeed, even if that means sacrificing their mental and physical health in the process.

Mental care is also self-care

Life is known for throwing curveballs into the mix at our most settled and unsuspecting moments. Each person has their own unique method for tackling these unexpected scenarios. Finding what works for you is important.

Getting involved in university life as a day student

When it comes to getting involved in university life, the University of Pretoria has something to offer for every student, from day houses to faculty houses, to all the societies in between. Being part of a structure not only gives students the opportunity to make friends and take part in events, it also provides students with various opportunities to learn and improve certain skills.


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