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Fear of Falling’s Turning Point

South African hard rock band, Fear of Falling, is set to release their latest album, Turning Point, on 3 December. This follows the recent release of their single, “Sunrise”. The album follows the band’s debut EP, Breaking Point, which was released on 21 May this year. There is excitement surrounding this new release, as the previous release was featured on radio stations such as Kerrang Radio and spent several weeks on global charts, such as the Independent UK Music Charts, Banks Radio Australia, Total Rock Radio and the MIX FM SA Top 40. They received positive attention and acclaim from the public, music platforms, and the music industry.

Seven Deadly Sins by Andie Padayachee

Andie Padayachee is a local author who published the poetry anthology, Seven Deadly Sins, through publishing house, Chasing Dreams Publishing. This anthology is available via PDF, and can either be found on the link in Andie’s bio (@andienannyfine) or on Chasing Dreams Publishing’s website. The theme of this anthology follows the general knowledge of the seven deadly sins, but each sin has two to three poems that represent it, and the sins begin to seem a lot more human and vulnerable, rather than evil. The sins of pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed, and sloth are represented in a realistic and raw light. The sins are portrayed as a grey area, and not in the typical form of black and white.

Internet Girl’s The World I love and more

South African band, Internet Girl, is a unique, three-piece alternative band that released their 2021 EP, The World I love, on 11 June. The EP consists of just six songs, but in those 15 minutes the band successfully makes you want to get up and dance the night (or day) away. All the songs carry with them a sense of nostalgia for one’s teenage years, where spring slowly dissolves into long summer holidays. The perfect harmony of the drums and the guitar fused with bubbly pop vocals sets the tone for the EP. This band is filled with young, upcoming artists with an energy that will hopefully reach international ears.

A Birthday Card in May review

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A Birthday Card in May is a beautifully structured debut poetry anthology, written by a local University of Pretoria student, Caitlin Tallack. It is a collection that has been created by discipline and creativity alike. The poetry expresses the duality of being, combined with the complexity and rawness of feeling.

Invisible Strings – Naledi Mashishi

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Invisible Strings is an intriguing read that leaves the reader questioning whether they too have multiple strings pulling them somewhere, to something, or to someone. The novel leaves one questioning whether one will ever truly know fate’s plan.

Zebra: Sorry Mom

Popular Pretoria-based band, Zebra, released its album, Sorry Mom, at the beginning of April 2021. This 12-track album is classified as alternative but leans slightly towards a soft version of punk rock. Its unique sound can be attributed to its South African song lyrics, accompanied by an array of musical instruments played with intensity.

Tali’s Baby Diary

Tali’s Baby Diary is a follow up of the popular and hilarious mockumentary, Tali’s Wedding Diary. If you have watched the first season, you will know that actress Julia Anastasopoulos (Suzelle DIY), is the beloved main character of the show. After quite a bit of trying, Tali is now pregnant, and wants nothing more in life than to be a ‘momfluencer’.


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