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Everything you need to know before Lentedag

When the speaker is placed down at the Aula grass, and some res boys sit around them in lawn chairs playing music, everyone knows what is coming. Lentedag, the penultimate festival for UP students, is just around the corner, with its date locked in on 13 September. So, it is time to get out your notepads, as these are the few essential tips that need to be kept in mind.

AI AI AI, what is going on with AI?

Hannah Montana raised a philosophical notion when she sang about her ability to have the best of both worlds. Throughout history humans have wanted the best of both worlds, yearning for the romantic imagery of nature as we reach for the Doom to kill a small creature that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Thrifting Save-the-Dates

Thrifting is no longer a niche activity done in the name of sustainable fashion. Today, it is an industry of its own. Pretoria hosts various pop-up markets dedicated to thrifting clothes, books, antiques, decorations, and more. Taking place throughout April and May, these are the dates to remember for those searching for rare books or the perfect vintage outfit.


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