UP-Tuks women’s rugby player Nadine Roos has been captivating rugby audiences around the globe on the sevens circuit lately. Roos has won a number of trophies and individual accolades since her international debut earlier this year, and her finest hour came in the Roma Sevens Cup final against Kenya on 11 June. She gave a performance that onlookers will not soon forget after scoring two tries and converting five tries for a personal tally of 30 points to steer the team to a 40-0 victory.



What was it about the final game in Rome that you attribute your standout performance to? I felt particularly motivated and amped before this game! There was something about having that Springbok emblem on my chest. I prepared myself mentally and told myself that I was going to give it my all, because this was the last game.


What did it feel like to know that most the points of the victory against Kenya came from you?It was such a privilege! I did not do this on my own, though. I knew that God had given me the guidance on the field to put points on the board, and my teammates guidance to pass me the ball.


How has TuksRugby shaped you to reach this point in your career?
I started at Tuks and experienced my first international tournament with them. I really enjoyed playing the game, and that is what has kept me going ever since.


You obviously do extensive touring as a sevens international. What would you say has been your most memorable tour?There are two tournaments (Hong Kong and Rome). It was a great atmosphere in Hong Kong, and the support the players gave each other was the best. As a youngster it was [also] a great feeling to win a cup final in front of a stadium full of people and against players that have played in [the] World Series. [I’ve] always wanted to play in Rome, and it was dream come true.


Your team faced the disappointment of missing out on the Olympics, and Kenya will compete at the Games instead. Do you think that this victory will motivate the team to push even harder to gain a spot at the 2020 Olympics?Talking to all of the senior players, they all want to work hard for that [2020] spot and I’m sure they will want to give anything to get there. This game really motivated us not to give up. We know what we are capable of and will keep working toward our Olympic dream.

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