Road to Rio
Carina Horn is currently the undisputed national 100 m sprint champion. She is considered one of the best 100 m women that the country has produced alongside names like Evette de Kerk and Geraldine Pillay. Horn achieved a personal best time of 11.06ls in the World Challenge Meeting in July last year in Madrid, equalling the 25-year old South African record. The 27- year old Horn is experienced internationally and competed up to the semi-finals in the World Championships in Beijing last year. Last month her name stood out at the Diamond League in Monaco after she was the women with the fastest start and went on to achieve third place in a time of 11.14 s. Breakthrough came for the athlete five years ago when she decided to travel to Austria to work under the guidance of mentor and coach Rainer Schopf after which her 100 m sprinting time improved by 0.53 s.


Latest personal bests and goals
This year she competed in the African Championships and achieved a silver medal for the women’s 100 m with a time of 11.07 s. She hopes to shave 0.02 s off this time to become the sole national record holder for the 100 m sprint. She has made it clear to the media that she prefers her Olympic goals to be seen in the way that she runs instead of what she says: “I would rather let my performances do the talking. I have goals to be an Olympic medallist, but talking to everyone won’t help me achieve it and I am just focused on doing everything that I possibly can.”


Race days:
Horn will be competing in the 100m sprinting heats on Friday 12 August, with the semi-final and final scheduled to take place on 13 August.

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