Mathematics? Philosophy? Or even Business and Economics? Some people know what they want to be from an early age while others are clueless about their career throughout high-school and well into their 20s. Students that are still unsure can take this quiz. See if PDBY can give you an indication as to what degree is best for you. Remember, while this quiz could reflect accurate results, it is only intended for entertainment purposes.

  1. If you could do anything right now, what would you do?

  1. Party the night away!
  2. Browse through your social media – it’s your favourite pastime!
  3. Get right back to your hobby – you have been neglecting it for far too long.
  4. Watch a movie.
  1. What are you most knowledgeable in?

  1. Fashion and the latest trends. Basically, I’m the pop culture god.
  2. News – especially politics and global affairs.
  3. Oh, definitely sports! Go Bokke!
  4. I love entertainment and celebrity news.
  1. When you are at a social event, you…

  1. Make yourself comfortable and chat to the next person who walks in.
  2. Find a group whose main discussion involves current affairs and join.
  3. Check out the kitchen and prepare some delicious snacks.
  4. Crack a few jokes and entertain the other guests.
  1. You have some spare time on your hands, how would you use it?

  1. Call friends and visit them to catch up.
  2. Organize your cupboards, drawers and shoes.
  3. Do a few DIY room improvements.
  4. Finish the short story you have written, or even compose a new one.
  1. If your friends had to describe you, how would they?

  1. You get along with everyone – you are a people’s person.
  2. You are the smarty pants of the group.
  3. You are incredibly handy.
  4. You are innovative and creative.
  1. How do you typically address conflict?

  1. You would avoid it by pretending it is not there.
  2. You accommodate it; you find no issue sometimes giving in to others.
  3. You compete with others until your position is understood.
  4. You collaborate, and sometimes even engage in a mutual give-and-take.
  1. You are having movie night and it is your pick, do you:

  1. Choose a romantic comedy?
  2. Choose a captivating drama?
  3. Choose an action and adventure movie?
  4. Select an independent film (Think “Get Out”)?
  1. What is your favourite time of the day?

  1. morning
  2. afternoon
  3. Early evening
  4. Late at night
  1. You often enjoy…

  1. Giving people advice.
  2. Problem-solving.
  3. Building things with your hands.
  4. Storytelling and capturing nature.
  1. And, lastly, when you are working and concentrating very hard, and you are unexpectedly interrupted, how do you react?

  1. You welcome the much-needed break and engage with the source of the interruption.
  2. Feel extremely irritated and return to your task.
  3. Vary between the two extremes.
  4. You remain calm as the timeout allows new creative ideas to form.

Your Degree Guessed!

If you answered honestly, your answers could provide you with some insight into your dream job. Take a look at what your answers could mean.

Mostly A:

You love working with people, which means you should consider a career where you could supervise, negotiate or offer mentorship to others. Career fields you may want to look into include teaching, social work, human resources, life coaching, hosting or becoming a personal assistant.

Mostly B:

Working with information would make you happiest. Consider jobs that involve analysing, compiling, comparing or co-ordinating. Possible career fields include editing, software developing, private investigation, accounting, or becoming a librarian.

Mostly C:

You have a strong desire to work with your hands and create. Consider a career that will include you controlling, driving, operating or nurturing. Career fields that might spark your interest are interior decorating, nursing, dog training, or mechanics.

Mostly D:

You are a creative at heart, which means you should consider a career that will allow you to express your creativity. Possible career fields include writing, photography, designing, any art form, or baking.


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