It is important to be aware of the various security services that are available on the Tuks campus should you find yourself in an emergency.

• The Department of Security Services is located in the Administration Building on the Hatfield Campus. The Operational Management Centre is part of the Department of Security Services and can be contacted on a 24 hour basis on 012 420 2310. Students can phone this number if they want to report an emergency or have general enquiries about campus security.

• The Green Route is a service that UP offers where security officials escort students back to their residences or surrounding areas. This service is available from 18h00 to 06h00 on weekdays. Students can contact the Operational Management Centre at any other time to request a security official to escort them. Students should see the Green Route map next to Oom Gert’s for information regarding the departure points and the area that the route covers.

• During Orientation Week, students will be notified where and when they should collect their student cards. Student cards are used to access the elecronic gates. Students are advised not to open these gates to any person who does not have a student card.

• The university also offers a Crisis Line. This service is available to victims of crimes such as robbery, hijacking or sexual abuse. It is also available to students who experience emotional problems. The Crisis Line can be contacted on a 24-hour basis on 0800 006 428. Assistance will be provided immediately.

• The Department of Security Services has issued the following safety tips to students when they are on campus: avoid isolated areas if you are alone, report all crime to Security Services or the nearest police station (Brooklyn Police Station) and take responsibility for your own safety.

Photo: Bonita Lubbe

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