Empty lecture halls can do remarkably well for a quick retreat into solitude as the halls are, by design, sheltered from outside interference. The rooms in the Theology building deserve a special mention as they are somewhat rarely used, well-maintained and have reasonably comfortable benches. They also have some bonuses in the climate control department, as they have large windows and the building is in a prime position to avoid most of the summer heat while still providing warmth in winter.

Mamelodi Campus is incredibly remote and can be reached by catching one of the buses that leave from outside the Thuto building at 07:00 every morning. Be prepared to settle in for the long haul, though, as the Mamelodi bus service only takes students back at around 16:00. The campus is ideal for anyone who wants alone time as it provides luscious grass, ample shade and a cafeteria on campus that sells refreshments and meals, provided you have loaded money onto your student card. It also sports a rarely used library and the majority of its lecture halls are unused for most of the day. There are also well equipped computer labs if you want to browse the internet. Alternatively, the campus also provides free Wi-Fi. If all you want is a day off to get away from the noise of Main campus and catch up on your reading, Mamelodi campus is the ideal place to go.


Photos: Hendro van der Merwe

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