Kayla Thomas
Kayla is the Editor of PDBY for 2020 and 2021. She joined the copy team in 2017, and became head layout editor in 2018 before starting her term as Editor. Kayla is obsessed with PDBY and is considering moving into the office to live with Pssst... forever. You can reach her by email.
Javett UP launches exhibition

Javett UP launches exhibition

On 13 March, Javett UP launched Word Woes, an exhibition by renowned South African artist Willem Boshoff. The exhibition was curated by Hélène Smuts and takes its name from an etching work in the exhibition. The exhibition is described by Javett UP as a “retrospective...

Getting a kick out of TuksSport

Getting a kick out of TuksSport

UP features more than 30 sports clubs for athletes of diverse and varied preferences. From beginners to professionals, student-athletes have their pick of sports clubs and can begin sporting careers that lead to championships, titles, national and international...

Let’s talk about ‘not all men’

Zombies everywhere

KAYLA THOMAS As we are approaching the end of a very long year, I am going to keep this short and sweet. We are all so tired by this time of the year, and I am sure we all resemble zombies, shuffling along and groaning occasionally. Don’t mistake this smiling picture...

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