Asking Alexandria recently finished their Break Down the Walls Tour of USA with bands such as We Came As Romans and August Burns Red and are now touring Asia.

“We’ve been to Japan once before and it was really very good. This time is only going to be bigger and better, and in the Philippines we’re headlining a metal festival with Bullet for my Valentine and I think there’s 25 000 tickets already sold so they’ve a pretty good rock/metal scene over there,” says Bruce about fans in Asia.

Although he is very eager to visit South Africa, Bruce isn’t entirely sure what to expect. “My parents holiday in South Africa a lot and they say it’s beautiful and I’ve been wanting to go for years now, so when I found out we were going I was like [makes cheering noise],” says Bruce excitedly, adding that he’d love to visit Table Mountain.

This winter will see Asking Alexandria release an extended version of their most recent album From Death to Destiny. Bruce says that they are trying to get the album remixed and remastered by Joey Sturgiss, who did all of their previous records. “It’s going to have two bonus tracks on it that were only released to Europe originally and then we’re recording four brand new songs to release on it as well,” Bruce said. In addition to this, the extended version will feature bonus content such as live video recordings and interviews.

The original From Death to Destiny album was unique in itself as parts of it were recorded in Asking Alexandria’s tour bus. When asked if they had any new experimental recording dreams, Bruce joked, “It might be kind of cool to go record in space, if that’s possible. We could be the first band that records out in space.”

From recording firsts to first records, Bruce has just started his own record label, KBB Records, and signed his first band, Scare Don’t Fear. “I’m not really bothered what genre of music they play. If I like it then I want to work with it. There are so many bands I’ve met along the way that really deserve a shot at this and never really get the chance,” says Bruce who was once in their shoes.

After their tour to South Africa, Asking Alexandria will headline the main stage of the month-long Mayhem Festival in America alongside Korn, Avenged Sevenfold and recent South Africa visitors Trivium. “We’re really excited. It’s just crazy, we managed to work our way up the ranks so quickly, being such a young band. We’re really looking forward to it,” said Bruce.

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