Liam Gallagher, the British Rock ‘n Roll legend and one half of Oasis, is back. Having left Oasis (and his older brother Noel) in 2009, he founded Beady Eye in the same year, but departed from the band in 2014. Now Liam has launched a solo career, with this debut studio album As You Were. Named after the sign off usually found at the end of his tweets, this BritPop combination of Alternative and Indie features 15 new singles, including “Wall of glass”, “Bold”, “Paper crown”, and “I’ve all I need”. “Wall of glass” starts off this album with a mix of blues, alternative and indie as we once more hear Liam’s signature erratic vocals, singing some lyrics possibly in reference to older brother Noel, their Mother and Liam himself.

The song was unveiled at a live performance in Liam’s hometown of Manchester on 30 May, and the accompanying music video soon followed. The video features multiple shots of Liam singing to his reflection in mirror lined rooms, shattered mirrors besides a payphone and to the camera from behind a pane of glass in an interview room. It also features the singer in a golden Saint Laurent hooded jacket, which he says, “convinced [him]self that it made [him] look like a modern Elvis, as he loved to wear gold suits” in an interview with Pitchfork. With the album filled with songs either solely written by Liam, or co-written by the singer and other writers, the songs on this album are deeply entertaining. Fans can catch Liam on tour, starting in the UK on October 29th, but unfortunately, no South African performances announced yet.



Image: pitchfork.com

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