Classical music may seem clichéd, but it has been used for decades to promote mental development and focus. While not for everyone, classical music is useful as it is unobtrusive and creates a calming atmosphere.

Ambient sounds can easily fit into anyone’s study playlist. These are simple tracks produced with the intention of creating a soothing and creative atmosphere. Brian Eno, a songwriter and award-winning producer, is a good artist to turn to. His album Music for Airports was produced to help relieve the tense and anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal and could easily be used to create a good study environment.

Instrumental hip-hop can be great for hip-hop fans. With no lyrics, people who enjoy hip-hop can get their fix without getting distracted by lyrics. If you don’t know who to listen to, try producers such as Clams Casino, Freddie Joachim, Blunted Beats, and Moods, who also produces some house music.

Deep house is one of the best choices for your study playlist, but try to avoid the much louder future-house genre. With soothing melodies and low-tempo progressions, deep house may rival classical music as some of the best music to listen to while studying. Although many deep house tracks include vocals, the vocals are often simple and soothing, resulting in a good study atmosphere. Look out for lounge house artists such as Adrian Loud, Kaskade, Late Night Alumni and DeadMau5.

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