Hey there, newbies, this one is for you! Although the workload you are about to receive might have you questioning your life choices, one perk of university is being able to say bye-bye to those unpleasant high school uniforms and hello to your true sense of style. Campus becomes your runway, and showing off your unique flair with a good outfit can sometimes be the only reason you actually attend lectures. But what does a fashionable first-year look like? And how can you stay comfortable yet chic on campus?

Our fashion favourite: Dumo Cele

Dumo Cele rocked his first year at Tuks with style and swagger. This soon-to-be psychology major enjoyed strutting to campus in outfits that were not only exciting to look at but were also reflective of his outgoing personality. Cele loves to mix it up when it comes to his fashion sense, often including pieces from different styles to create a unique ensemble that showcases his individuality and confidence. Last year, PDBY caught him in a preppy cool-boy outfit with gold accessories, ultimately creating an eye-catching, fashion-forward look. Cele opted for a darker toned outfit, pairing the classic black pullover with loose-fitting trousers. With a brown snapback and headphones, Cele’s clever colour matching created a cohesive yet comfortable look – perfect for surviving a long university day.

Cele lives by a ‘fashion is to be explored’ mindset and does not confine himself to only one style. He encourages the new first- years to switch it up and take on their new life at UP in style!


A heads-up for the halls

Comfort is also important when choosing an outfit, and this could be influenced by where you find yourself on campus. Here is some helpful advice on how to dress for success in the most common lecture halls.

  • If you see the word “Thuto” on your timetable, do yourself a favour and bring a jacket. It remains a mystery why the temperature in the Thuto lecture halls is always lower than a computer science student’s self-esteem. So, be warned. Similarly, the aircon in the Chancellor’s building might as well be wearing boots with the fur because it too can get pretty low!


  • Hot, humid humanities! The Humanities building is not only confusing to navigate but also stuffy, and the lack of a working air conditioner may create certain unpleasant smells at the end of the day. Make sure to wear items that you can easily remove to cool down.


  • The desks in the Centenary lecture halls are coming for your shins, with bruises, cuts and all. Consider throwing on some longer pants or Doc Martens to save your legs from the bench abuse.


  • Considering engineering students’ reputation for wearing plakkies and shorts, this tip about Engineering 3 may, quite literally, save your butt. The benches in this building can give you splinters in the most delicate of areas; thus, shorty-shorts might not be the best option if this name pops up on your timetable.


Welcome to university, first-years! We know being a Tuks student can be quite intimidating, but at least face it with a killer outfit! Surviving the academic stress is definitely a bit easier when you look stylish while struggling. And knowing how to dress for the lecture halls can help you feel more relaxed and confident during your new academic journey. Be brave, express yourself, and show us what stylish outfits you have been hiding. Our team will be on the lookout for a student to feature in every edition. Who knows, it may just be you.

Naudette Mukoni
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