On 27 January FIFA announced that two million of the available World Cup tickets have already been sold. This brings the number of remaining available tickets to just under one million. Now that it is less than four months before the historic and much anticipated 2010 FIFA World Cup kick-off, tickets are expected to sell like hotcakes in the fourth ticketing phase. This phase runs from 9 February until 7 April 2010 during which time 400 000 tickets will be made available. Despite complaints from many South Africans about the complexity of purchasing tickets, the number of ticket applications from South African citizens increased by 24.9% during the third ticketing stage. However, if the process of purchasing tickets still confuses you, Perdeby will try to explain it as best we can.

Tickets can be purchased in two ways:

1) You can go to any FNB branch and fill in an application form which will be processed immediately, after which you will receive your FNB Visa Official Mascot Prepaid card. You will then have to wait for an SMS notifying you about the status of your application.

2) You can visit www.fifa.com and apply for tickets online. Tickets are divided into four categories, with category four tickets being specifically reserved for South African citizens. These tickets are generally for seats located behind the goals and are the most affordable. The prices start at R140 for the group stage matches, excluding the opening match between South Africa and Mexico on 11 June. From 15 April tickets will be sold over the counter and prices are expected to rise significantly in all categories.

On 16 June (Youth Day), Bafana Bafana will be playing against the first world champions, Uruguay, at Loftus Stadium. This is one match most Tuks students should be able to watch live at the stadium and this could be one of the best ways to have a memorable Youth Day. On the other hand, those who will be in the Free State during the World Cup can buy tickets for the Bafana Bafana match against France, which will be played on 22 June. Make sure you don’t let the World Cup pass you by and go to FNB to apply for a ticket before 7 April when prices will increase. With 64 matches to choose from make sure you see at least one live game.

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