On 17 February, Hatfield campus came alive for 1nSync, a vibrant annual event specifically tailored for first-year students. The aim of this event organised by the Student Culture Committee (Stuku) is to ease the transition from high school to university and create a sense of belonging. First-years in residences, day houses and faculty houses, along with their executive committee members, had five days to rehearse for their performances.

During these five days, each structure had two hours per day dedicated to rehearsals. A designated member from Stuku supervised each structure’s practice session to ensure compliance with the show’s guidelines. From Monday to Friday, first-year students, alongside their committee heads, worked tirelessly to deliver a stellar performance for friends and family. The external culture members of each structure’s committee had the laborious task of selecting music, choreographing routines and scripting performances for their first-year students.

In an Interview with PDBY, Albert Venter, one of the event organisers, shared the main intention behind 1nSync: “It’s about ensuring first-year students and everyone else who joins feel welcome and enjoy the event.” The goal of the event is to foster a sense of inclusivity.

Different structures adopted varied approaches to their rehearsals. For instance, Tuks Ekhaya prioritised mastering the entire choreography before improving each dance specifically, whereas Mopane focused on perfecting each song and its corresponding choreography before moving on to the next piece. Themes for each group were diverse, ranging from House Nala’s “Nala’s Diner” theme to House Education’s “Podcast and Chill” and Vividus’s “Vivi School of Music”. The event featured a variety of music selections as well, with several groups incorporating popular songs such as “iPlan”, “Waka Waka” and “Mnike”. 

Although 1nSync began during the day, the number of audience members increased significantly in the evening, and the event proceeded smoothly thanks to the efforts of Stuku members led by the chairperson, Buhle Mathebula. The event left family members and friends of the performers filled with pride, with some family members even attempting to gain entry to watch the Amphitheatre performance despite having paid to watch in the Aula theatre. (Security then swiftly dealt with these individuals.) Residences such as House Tau, House Mags and Mopane received overwhelming support from their fellow residence members in the front row during each structure’s respective performance. 

After a fun-filled show and hours of performances at both the Aula theatre and Amphitheatre, Curelitzia’s patriotic performance based on the Rugby World Cup in 2023 secured them the title as overall winner.


Most Multicultural – Erica 

Best Band – House Tau

Best Theme – Cureltizia 

Best Choreography – Blossoms Delight 

Most Creative Use of Costume – Lumicendo 

Best External Residences and Societies – Blossoms Delight

Day Residences Award – Dregeana 

Best Faculty House – OPVSC x Health House

Overall Best Residence – Curelitiza 

Best Social Media Presence – Vividus 

People’s Choice Award – House Tau

Brilliant Beginners Award – Erica (fifth overall)

Shining Star Award – House Mags (fourth overall) 

Third Overall – House Tau 

Second Overall – Blossoms Delight 

First Overall – Curelitzia

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