So, it’s a new year. Well not any more, since we’re already six weeks into it. But for the purposes of this editorial, let’s just say it’s a new year. There are a couple of things I don’t want repeated in 2011, and a couple of things I want to spend more time on. For example, it would be great if everyone who thought mullets were cool last year realised the error of their ways.

Mullets are cultural terrorists. It would also be great if those “that’s what she said” jokes could crawl away and die. On the other hand, I plan on investing some quality time in Sue Sylvester and my Wordmole highscore (it’s what I dream about at night) and, of course, this paper (yay!). For my first act as the new editor, I’m going to do something very un-journalistic. I’m going to make a big promise, a sweeping statement: 2011 will not be like 2010. 2010 was great. But 2011 will be better.

With that promise firmly in mind, this edition is filled with all kinds of awesome things. We’ve been working hard on it for the last couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy the changes we’ve made to improve the overall layout. I am also happy to announce  that we will be rolling out new headline boards all over campus in the coming weeks. Applications also open this week, so start filling in those forms. As for this issue, we have everything from an in-depth interview with SRC Chairperson Charl Obelholzer, to a special backstage look at Ienkmelodienk, and of course, Rag, Rag, Rag. The biggest party of the year is always an adventure, and my staff and I were there for every stage dive and every drunk fight. 

As always, if you have suggestions, criticisms, ideas or drinks please email me at




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