The University of Pretoria will present 10 465 graduate certificates at their autumn graduation ceremonies this year. Of these certificates, 134 will be doctorates, 1187 will be master’s degrees and 2957 will be honours degrees. The remainder of the graduate certificates will comprise of undergraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates.

Autumn graduation ceremonies started on 13 April and finish on 30 April. At these ceremonies a number of honorary degrees will also be awarded. The honorary doctorates this year will be awarded to individuals that have made prominent impacts in their fields of expertise. Honorary degrees will be awarded to Prof. Karl E Klare for his work in law and legal matters, Prof. Jan de Groof for his work in education and law, Prof. Marco Dorigo for his work in artificial intelligence, Prof. Howard Alper for his work in chemistry that could possibly have practical uses in commodity chemical industries, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, and Prof. Adrian Bejan for his work in thermodynamics, heat transfer and applied physics.

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