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CSA&G: Pride and Counteracting Prejudice

Society has progressed significantly, becoming more inclusive and accepting of the LGBTQIA+ community. Countless movements and activists have participated in the efforts to achieving this, including the Centre for Sexualities, AIDS and Gender (CSA&G).CSA&G aims to “[explore] diversity and [enable] inclusivity”. They do this in UP’s very own Akanyang building.


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Hatfield Fashioni-Stars

Calling all the fashion fanatics! Get ready to dive into the world of our very own Hatfield Fashioni-Stars. This new
segment puts the spotlight on Hatfield’s most stylish and fashion-forward students. These cool kids may have already caught your eye, giving you some fashion inspiration and motivation to get out of bed and into class. Who does not love some well-dressed eye candy to look at during long, boring lecturers? How you pair your clothes speaks volumes and can be a great way to express yourself and show your creativity. Whether you rock the emo, “I watch horror movies to unwind” vibe or channel the wannabe American thug look (minus the actual thug life), the fashion scouts are always on the lookout for Hatfield’s next certified Fashioni-Star! So, throw on your best fit and strut your stuff. You might just catch our attention!

Changing the Narrative One Performance at a Time

Between 26 and 29 September, drama students and the Transformation Office organised a theatre festival for Anti-Discrimination Week. The festival consisted of 9 plays in the Forum theatre style, offering audiences the opportunity to alter the narrative by making directorial changes in the play. The festival’s goal was to encourage the audience to be active participants of society by noticing moments of oppression and speaking up to change the outcome and bring about change.

Oh, the Horror

Tis the season of crawling creatures and ghastly ghosts. As Halloween lurks around the corner, social media makes some killer suggestions for costumes and slithers in adverts for events that never quite live up to the expectations. YouTube, on the other hand offers a variety of short films that will haunt your dreams in the discomfort of your bedroom, the kind of discomfort that horror fans find comfort in. Turn out the lights, grab your favourite eye-covering blanket, and watch these bone-chilling short films.


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